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  • Human, Nature, and Culture “Thinking of man and nature together” 

Founded in 1976 in Yang-San City, Gyeong-Sang Nam-do, located in
southeastern part of South Korea near Busan, Korea Fluid Machinery Co.,
Ltd (KFMC) was the first company to develop of the hit product, the Rotary
type Blower(known as Roots Blower) in South Korea and has remained the
best seller until now.
Focusing on developing and producing the Roots Blower, KFMC has been
credited as the first company in the world to mass-produce and sell 3 Lobes
Helical RotaryBlower, considered as the 3rd generation Roots Blower.
With the management philosophy, ”Creative and Faster development than
that of existing players, KFMC has created the Orbit Compressor and the
Vacuum Pumps, which have been internationally patented and given the
company the “Jang Young-Sil Award”, known to be the best honor to entrepreneurs
and engineers in Korea, in 1999.
We, KFMC, put customers first and orient management based on ISO
9001/KSQ 9001 quality system, with responding even to minor requests aiming
customer at satisfaction and success.
Moreover, KFMC has developed the Turbo Blower in 2005 with a 60,000 RPM
permanent magnetic synchronous motor inverter operation, an air Foil Bearing
and a high-efficiency impeller and markets surging free automated system
with the same philosophy of responding even minor requests aiming at
customer satisfaction and success.
As a result of transparent management to meet the global business standard,
KFMC has achieved and maintains debt-free management up to this day.
We, KFMC, not only value man and his creativity, but also develop their potential
together. Acknowledging the benefit from nature to man, KFMC has
been practicing and adapting. the corporate culture, “Thinking of man and
Nature” and tradition, ”Hard working, Living frugally and honestly”.
KFMC will keep this role and responsibility, devote to customers, and contribute
to society with a healthy corporate culture and tradition that have been
ceaselessly cultivated and developed.